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You Don’t Have to be a Genius to Make Money Online Selling Content

An infopreneur is an “information entrepreneur”, someone who turns words (or more specifically, information) into income – in a number of innovative ways. You can be an infopreneur who uses the Internet as a medium for distributing and monetizing information.

It’s a great idea to make money by selling your knowledge over the Internet. In fact, if you are a good writer or you are an expert on a topic, then that’s good enough to make money online. But it’s not as straight forward as it sounds. You need to know what kind of content makes money. Your content should be valuable and useful to the reader. Solving a problem gains more chances to sell information online. Information products do provide a significant passive income that builds over time. Plus the more practice you put into it, the better you get, and the better your results. But how can you learn to sell your information?

An information product can be anything from an e-book, audio program or video program. Join thousands of creators doing what they love using Teachable.
Easily create an online course to sell your knowledge

Easily create an online course to sell your knowledge

Teachable teaches You How To Sell Your Knowledge! It makes it easy and empowers you to turn your passion or knowledge into a thriving online business!

#1 – You can add value to the internet through your own content. There is a deluge of data all around. But data, while helpful, isn’t quite valuable. What’s really valuable is INFORMATION. It turns what was a noisy cacophony into a melodious symphony, and information is what people in need or search of it will pay you for – happily.

#2 – You can get paid forever for work done once. Think about an author who writes a book. Assume it takes two years of hard work to complete. But if it becomes a best-seller, it could sell MILLIONS of copies over the next thirty years The author gets paid royalties the entire time…even if he never writes a single word again!

Creating and selling your own information product isn’t easy – in fact, it’s one of the most challenging things to do online. There’s a steep learning curve to it, as you’re required to learn a lot of skills such as setting up a blog or website, writing high quality sales copy that converts, split testing, setting up the sales funnel, handling the customer support, and of course, actually creating a high quality product that helps people. Not only that, the biggest hurdle that most people face when launching their own information product is not having the traffic or visitors to sell it to. That’s we recommend to start with the Teachable Platform as it’s an easy way to get started and begin building a steady stream of visitors and followers that you could later potentially launch an information product to.

People will tell you what they want. After that, the only thing you need to do is then GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT. Pretty simple, right? Your followers have now told you their goals, needs, challenges and frustrations. This is gold, as you now just have to create a product and sales letter that covers all of this for them. They even give you the language and magic words to use to better communicate with them. They tell you whether or not they’d be interested in this product, what they want in it, and how much they’d pay. Now you just have to give that to them.

People will line up to buy something from you and it’s an easy sale, since there is really no selling involved… you’re just giving them what they want! Get started today using the Teachable platform!

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