Millions of Digital Jobs Projected by 2020: Digital Marketers Are Needed

A massive increase of digital jobs around the world are forecasted and need to be filled, but few have the skills to fill them.

You may have read many articles similar to this one about how Britain faces ‘growing shortage’ of digital skills.. And it’s not only Britain. Dublin is facing it’s own problems. In 2017, digital advertising spend is predicted to surpass television ad spending for the first time with a projected spend of $77 billion, versus $72 billion for television.

Why digital marketing matters

Digital marketing careers are not only in high demand; they could also be the key to a work life balance. More than ever, companies are integrating traditional advertising with online marketing efforts. As social networks, mobile devices, and the Internet of Things open new channels to connect with customers, demand for digital marketing expertise is increasing. Sixty-four percent of recruiters report a shortage of skilled marketing personnel, revealing a waiting skills gap for new MBA graduates. This puts digital marketing skills in high demand for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

With digital media surpassing TV as the largest channel for ad spending in 2016, digital marketers are more important than ever. The share of people spending more time using electronic devices is only going up from here. Through clever concepts, smart storytelling, and a keen understanding of audience behavior through analytics, these data-driven brand specialists move business forward through strategic email, paid search, social media, and beyond.

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