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Become proficient in Digital Marketing in 4 weeks. Learn to acquire more customers for less and drive revenue

Do you think the digital, online world is going to continue to grow? Do you think more people will spend more funds online? Do you want to be involved personally or professionally? Then this program is aimed at you and all who appreciate one simple fact, that the digital world will continue to grow and create opportunities for all of those willing to learn today.
This course equips the user with the skills they need to generate revenues online. Register now to learn the skills you need to succeed.

editors_choice_for_digital_marketing_coursesI recognize digital marketing courses of the highest quality, value, and results with an Editor’s Choice Award. It’s the seal of approval students should look for when shopping for online education in digital marketing. Courses bearing the Editors’ Choice have been rigorously reviewed and carefully evaluated. The award is the hallmark of good educational performance, and signifies a course that is the best of breed in its category.


  • Target Audience – Who is Your Customer
  • Google PPC & SEO – Acquiring the Right Leads for Less
  • Affiliate Marketing – Developing Strategic Partnerships Online
  • Facebook – Targeted Advertising for Lead Generation
  • Sales Funnel – Nurturing Your Leads
  • Data Driven Marketing and Sales – Maximum Return
  • Strategy – Retention and Recurring Revenue

Institution: Shaw Academy

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